Trucking Trends to Watch For 2019

With 2018 nearly in the rear-view mirror it’s time to look ahead and make a plan for the coming year.  We’ve kept our ear to the ground and have assembled a short list of trends to be on the lookout for in 2019.

Trucks & Technology

A continuing trend form 2018 is still building momentum in the coming year, with electric tractors being among the most hotly discussed topics in the truck manufacturing space.  While we’ve written about them in the past, some key manufacturers are expected to roll units off the assembly line in ’19.  Tesla, the current leader in electric car manufacturing, made a splash in November of 2017 with the introduction of their class 8 tractor, with a promised roll-out in 2019.  It’s almost 2019—we can’t wait to see them on the road!  Long-time truck manufacturers Volvo, Daimler, and Peterbilt are also working with electric startups to convert existing designs to hybrid and full-electric units, as well as develop next-generation platforms for full-electric units.

As we’ve discussed in the past, range and charging network will be the greatest challenge for early adopters, but based on the preliminary estimates, the fuel savings despite the purchase premium may make it a worthwhile investment.

Mountains of Data

For several years now we’ve had electronic logging devices (ELDs) as well as fleet management GPS solutions.  Fleet operators are sitting on mountains of data on drivers and equipment, and while some have already begun analyzing this data, in the coming year we’ll see more logistics and fleet managers leveraging this data in everything from route planning to pallet load order and much, much more.  The transportation industry will take business intelligence and apply it to the pavement like never before.

Relaxing Regulations Possible

With the rise of ELDs and the aforementioned “mountains of data”, it’s likely we’ll begin to see more sensible regulation around commercial transport. With this data and a more transparent relationship with lobbyists than ever before, regulators now have greater forensic insight into the causes of commercial freight incidents as well as what ineffective policies are costing the industry, opening the door to more effective and common sense governance.

With sweeping economic policy changes at the federal level, and many industries scrambling to keep up, the outlook for the transportation industry for the coming year appears bright.  If you’re interested in expanding your business with more equipment or replace your existing units, contact your ENGS representative to learn how our transportation equipment finance can meet your business’ needs today.