Are you looking to purchase a lease or loan portfolio, diversify your current holdings or increase your liquidity? Talk to our Syndication professionals today to learn how ENGS can help.

The Syndications team at Engs manages the process of buying and selling a variety of lease and loan products with third-party sellers or investors.  Transactions range from single one-off deals to portfolios with deal sizes ranging from the mid-six to eight figures.  Our focus is primarily hard assets to end users of the equipment, which are typically classified as SMB, middle-market or enterprise accounts.

Sell Desk

ENGS actively sells lease and loan portfolios as well as individual one-off transactions to ease internal customer, regional or sector concentration limits as well as generate fee income and liquidity.  We sell transactions utilizing a highly efficient syndications process:

  • Secure, web-based collaboration site permitting investors access to electronic portfolio data, 24/7.
  • Thorough and organized data repository allows investors to quickly assess and price portfolios.
  • Deep bench of experience, providing over $100 million in syndicated transaction volume annually.

ENGS’ highly organized credit and transaction data management provides investors with a fast, reliable due diligence and funding process, leading to a faster close.  Transactions are typically non-notification to our end user customers.  ENGS offers complete portfolio servicing on behalf of our investors.

Buy Desk

ENGS routinely reviews lease and loan portfolios or one-off transactions of other banks or finance companies for purchase. Our primary focus is on hard assets in the industries we serve, including transportation, industrial products, materials handling, packaging and graphic arts (among others).
Our buy desk can assist other lenders with:

  • Liquidity & concentration issues.
  • Exposure due to over-weighted portfolios.
  • Dedicated resources to quickly review transactions, with an indicative term sheet in 2-3 business days.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to both end-customers and syndicators, and as such, we can purchase transactions or portfolios with or without recourse, and will provide servicing on a full or non-notification basis.

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