A Day In The Lives…

Rosanne, Insurance Agent

It is 2 am on the day after Thanksgiving and our customer is sleeping peacefully after holiday with friends and family. He receives a phone call.

His driver lost control of his truck in a snow storm with a full load.  He is safe and not hurt but  there is significant damage on both, tractor and trailer, and he doesn’t know what to do.

At this point our customer, who has limited access to communication, has two priorities:

  • The safety of his driver, truck and load
  • Expense

Our agent, Rosanne, steps in to help make this bad situation run smoothly. She

  • Arranged the towing for the driver
  • Immediately filed the claim
  • Coordinated the downtime coverage included in his insurance

As an advocate, Rosanne is the liaison between the customer and the insurance company, providing reliable information to each party and being our customer’s hands and feet during this difficult time.  She understands that these events can disrupt a lifetime full of efforts, and that our customer needs us to give them peace of mind.

Fueled by your priorities and driven by our commitment.

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