How Technology Is Shaping The Logistics Industry

We’ve examined the impact technology is having in the trucking industry in the past, though today we’re going to take a close look directly at it’s impact on the logistics firm, both in-house and in concert with 3rd-party carriers.  Keep in mind that many of these technologies will be applicable to the entire supply chain and others to the last-mile carriers, so keeping the details at a high level will help provide perspective on the greater impact new technology is driving through our industry.

Autonomous Trucks Growing Pains

Autonomous trucks are the talk of the industry, with new upstart brands and coordinated efforts between tech companies and industry behemoths began rolling out demo fleets, welcomed to trials on private and specific public roads in some states.  The proponents of the technology claim autonomous trucks will boast a greater safety record and be more fuel-efficient when compared to human reaction times and control inputs, while opponents fear the driverless truck will cost jobs and create new vulnerabilities to software glitches and attacks not currently experienced with conventional freight haulers.  Logistics companies will soon be able to take advantage of a potentially more reliable and cost-effective means of transportation, while comparing it’s performance.

Robots Will Speed Up Picking and Packing

Consumer’s insatiable appetite for immediate gratification has driven some of the world’s top Ecommerce businesses to make significant investments in accelerating ship times, a perfect example being Amazon’s acquisition and absorption of Kiva Robotics in 2012.  But warehouse automation isn’t just for the Fortune 50.  Warehouse automation will gain wider adoption, as the pace for last-mile delivery quickens.

System Security Will Become The New Normal

As software and hardware becomes more connected (IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things), logistics companies will be forced to invest more heavily in cybersecurity measures to deter and deflect attacks. The new measures will impact everything from the robotic packing machinery, to the business network, to the mobile device in the last-mile delivery operator’s pocket.

While technology stands to improve performance, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and speed, it all comes at a price. Fortunately, businesses can rely on ENGS Commercial Finance Co. to be the right partner to help fund the next chapter of their equipment transition.  If your business needs to acquire updated equipment or cash flow solutions, contact an ENGS representative today to learn how we can help move your business forward.