We are excited to provide an update from our last communication letting you know ENGS Commercial Finance Co. (‘ENGS’) continues to be committed to you and the industry and is here to help your business through this crisis. We believe consistent and clear communication with our clients is always important, and even more so today.

That is why we are reaching out to you with an update as to how ENGS can help you and your customers as states start to re-open for business, and we explore the new normal as we recover, discover and move forward together.

No one is sure what the exact new norm will be, but ENGS knows that our vendors and customers expect ENGS and other lenders to:

  • Understand their finance needs
  • Be flexible to the changing market
  • Continue to innovate and create new products and services
  • Have the financial strength to help their business weather unchartered storms

Rest assured, ENGS is the answer to each of these needs.

Ongoing ENGS Platform Innovation & Updates

ENGS, as part of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance, one of the largest and most respected finance companies in in the world, has the financial strength and the world-class brand to see you through this crisis. We have a suite of new products and promotions designed to help our customers get through this period, conserve cash and position their company for future growth. And we continue to roll out technology enhancements for our vendors across the ENGS platform. All these promotions and products are designed to make it easier for you to help your clients continue to move their business forward. One of our most recent digital products is Propel, a product that puts the power of a virtual finance company in the hands of our vendors.

PROPEL: A proprietary cloud-based digital finance platform giving our vendor partners the ability to enter transactions directly into our decisioning platform, tailor their terms, create their own documents on demand, manage their finance portfolio, and communicate with the ENGS via Chat. PROPEL delivers what all our vendor partners desire, a self-service virtual finance company without the expense or risk. Never has a time been more important to have this technology at your fingertips. Take control of your sale; take control of your customer financing!

Download the Release PDF