ENGS Commercial Finance Co. Adapts and Transforms Business in a Changing Work Environment

ENGS Commercial Finance Co. (“ENGS”), a Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance company, has long understood the power that technology and digitization plays for businesses. In order to lead and service our vendors and customers faster and with more precise offerings, ENGS has developed a first-of-its-kind and industry-leading Digital Center that is Always Connected to its vendors and customers. The Digital Center, through data driven intelligence, is able to deliver a Digital to Business “D2B” solution that predicts the customers’ financing behaviors and customizes a solution for their exact needs.

The ENGS Digital Center leverages decades of lending information from tens of thousands of customers to deliver the exact financing solution at the ideal time to customers and vendors. ENGS’s launch of the Digital Center and its D2B strategy demonstrates its ongoing, long standing, and unwavering commitment to deliver leading- edge technology solutions to the Equipment Finance industry.

The ENGS Digital Center is Always Connected to all aspects of the equipment finance lifecycle, delivering a full suite of digital finance solutions that enhance the customer experience and promote repeat business.

Christopher D. Johanneson, Managing Director of Operations, Marketing & Digital Strategy, said, “ENGS has greatly invested in digital technology and created a Digital Center, responsible for analyzing customer data to deliver D2B customized financing products at the essential time for our vendors and customers.” Johanneson continued, “Creating a new business unit centered around our customer data and best-in-class technology tools is a necessary progression today. Adapting to an increasingly digital market environment and taking advantage of digital technologies create a better customer experience and improves our operational efficiencies, both of which are imperative for success.”

The ENGS Digital Center will be led by Steven Holben, CLFP, Director of Digital Sales Strategy, who has a long-standing track record of success, increasing responsibility in the Equipment Finance industry and is uniquely qualified to deliver on the ENGS commitment of being Always Connected to its vendors and customers.

“Digital transformation and adaption in today’s ever-evolving culture is essential for companies to succeed,” Holben said. “ENGS has developed a dynamic digital infrastructure that allows us to innovate faster, collaborate efficiently and drive value for our vendors and customers. The exceptional customer experience we pride ourselves on delivering will accelerate with the analytical intellect of the Digital Center.”

“We are excited to have Steven in this very important role for the company to deliver on our commitments to our vendors and customers,” Johanneson commented. “This is an important initiative for ENGS, and I am confident with Steven’s leadership, experience and strong support of his team, we will deliver exceptional results and an unmatched customer experience.”

ENGS Commercial Finance Co. (“ENGS”), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Co., one of the largest and most respected brands in the world, provides best- in-class technology-enabled digital finance solutions to the Transportation, Construction, and Industrial Equipment segments. ENGS is also a leading provider of working capital products through ENGS Commercial Capital and insurance products through ENGS Insurance Agency. For more information on this press release, please visit our website at www.engsfinance.com, or contact us at (800) 369-2391.