Top Tips for Local Freight Fleet Operational Zen

As a local delivery fleet manager your job is to maximize the number of deliveries while minimizing driver delays. Your main focus must be on the equipment used to provide deliveries for customers. If your fleet is not up-to-date that has negative repercussions from risking delivery schedules to displaying a poor image to customers. Delivery truck financing offers a convenient way to pay for a more modern fleet for your local freight business. Through delivery van loans you can avoid plunging a lot of capital into a new fleet while taking advantage of updated trucking equipment. This will help you improve the following three factors.

Company Safety

Your drivers are constantly in congested areas, placing your trucks in traffic jams and pedestrian-friendly spaces. In order to prevent undue injury and accidents with your fleet operators, your company needs to provide the safest equipment available. The truth is the newer trucking models offer the most advanced technologies and safety mechanisms on the market. New trucks are the most expensive, especially for local fleet delivery companies just starting out. However, with trucking fleet financing you can reduce your upfront costs without sacrificing the safety of your driving team.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers anticipate on-time pick-ups and deliveries. That’s why your vehicle operational time must be spot on. If your fleet equipment is constantly breaking down, forcing your drivers to be undependable, your customers will move on to your competitors. Furthermore, your fleet equipment is your company’s main branding source. Every time a customer sees one of your local delivery fleet, they get an idea about your company. Send out the right message by going with delivery van loans to ensure you have new and modern vehicles in operation. Think about it. Which type of delivery truck would you like to see arrive at your commercial property, a rusting, beat up truck with peeling logos, or a newly painted and top of the line rig? A truck says a lot about a fleet company. If the company can’t take care of their equipment, how well can they take care of the deliveries?

Operational Efficiency

Integrated vehicle monitoring systems via GPS units are the way local fleet businesses operate efficiently. Unfortunately these systems aren’t found in older models of vehicles. In order to be able to outfit your entire fleet with the latest monitoring technology, so you can track trucks and shipments in transit, you should take advantage of trucking fleet financing. Slim down your upfront costs and expenses while keeping your drivers on route and your shipments on time.

Next Steps To Update Your Fleet

Now that you understand the reasons for having an updated fleet, it’s time for the next step. Regardless of your fleet size or delivery business type, we have the best fleet financing solutions that will help you expand your business and upgrade your equipment. Contact us today for more information on available delivery truck financing and delivery van loans.