Tips for Truckers: Managing Stress On The Road

A commute to work can be stressful—more so if your commute is your job.  Dealing with stop-and-go traffic, unpredictable weather, irresponsible and dangerous drivers, maintenance and repair concerns, and managing a delivery schedule can compound into a nauseating career indeed.  Fortunately, you don’t face these challenges alone.  We’ve assembled a handful of tips to help you deal with common stressors as a professional trucker or delivery driver.

Enhance Your Mood With Music

Music is a powerful influencer, and not necessarily with regard to the lyrics.  The important factor to note is the style and speed of the music, as this can either hype up your anxiety or relax and soothe you.  Stanford University study (2006) shows shows that music at roughly 60 beats per minute (bpm) will allow your brainwaves to subconsciously synchronize with the music, getting you into a calming rhythm without putting you to sleep.  A simple, yet effective way to take the edge off of a stressful route.

Know Your Route

Unless you’re hauling between warehouse hubs, it’s pretty common to be given new deliveries, sometimes in areas we’re unfamiliar with.  Before you head out on the last leg of your trip, take a few minutes with a map ahead of time to identify the potentially troublesome areas and make mental (or paper) notes of landmarks or cross streets leading up to an important intersection.  Digital maps will often display construction or detour routes which can be helpful when planning your on-time delivery.

Drink Water Over Coffee or Pop

Many of us drink coffee or tea when we get up to get a caffeine jolt, and when available, we consume various forms of caffeine throughout the day.  Instead, try starting your day with caffeine to get you moving, but shift to water or a low-calorie hydration drink.  Drinking water hydrates your organs, including the brain, helping it function optimally, which in turn, studies have shown, decreases the concentration and production of cortisol, the stress hormone.  Drinking water has numerous health benefits beyond coping with stress, and the only down side is maybe a few more pit stops along the way—a welcome break to stretch!

Picking The Right Partners

A significant stressor for any business owner is finances.  We want more than to simply keep the doors open, we want to grow and thrive.  With trucking, a sizable portion of expense goes into our equipment, and funding the purchase or lease of a new truck can be overwhelming.  Another way to beat stress as a trucker is to choose a truck and trailer financing company who knows the industry and is in your corner, providing sensible financing options that will help you acquire the equipment you need to grow your business.