Be Prepared: Transportation Insurance For On & Off Dispatch

One of the great joys of trucking is the opportunity for an individual to move from employee to owner of a small business with relative ease.  Set your own schedule, develop new clientele, expand your business, and afford you the flexibility to run your business inside and outside the cab of your rig.  It’s not all gravy, however.  As with any business, being an Independent Owner-Operator is a lot of work; also requiring organization and maintaining licenses, registrations, and insurance.

Trucking Insurance When Off Of Dispatch

As an independent operator, in most instances you’re covered by the insurance of dispatching firm while hauling the load, however what happens when you’re not on dispatch, either between loads or on your way home after your last drop for the day?  The dispatch insurance policy ends when your truck disconnects from their load.  You’re required to carry coverage at all times, so for those instances you need a bridge policy often called a Non-Trucking insurance policy that covers you and your equipment independent of the dispatch.

The good news is, these policies aren’t too difficult to find, and as with any insurance, the premium is based on your driving record, vehicle value, and miles driven while covered under this policy.  We offer insurance policies to a growing number of states across the United States.

In Case of Occupational Injury

As an independent contractor or Owner-Operator working for a larger firm, you’re not covered by the dispatching firm’s Workers Compensation plan.  What does this mean if you’re injured on the job?  As an independent contractor you’ll need to maintain your own occupational accident insurance plan.  Beyond the “safety net” of carrying this coverage, many motor carriers require their independent operators to carry this coverage.

Insurance Against the Unexpected

We never expect anything to go wrong, but in the event of an accident, damage, or injury, having the right coverage from the right carrier makes all the difference.  When choosing an insurance agent, look at the customer service record and, in the case of commercial trucking insurance, be certain of their industry knowledge and experience.  at ENGS, we’ve served the commercial truck and trailer industry for more than 64 years, and are proud to offer commercial truck and trailer financing and trucking insurance as complimentary solutions under one trusted name.

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