Manufacturing Trends To Spot in 2020

As American companies have reinvested in manufacturing state-side these past few years, newer plants and installations mean we should expect to see the adoption of technologies with brand new equipment at a higher rate in North America than a decade ago.  From monitoring to speed and efficiency, some of the greatest tech to hit the factory floor since the assembly line is poised to make an entrance in the next 12-24 months.

Manage Uptime With Preventative Maintenance

Certain equipment has manufacturer recommended service intervals, however some components may not be included in a schedule, but rather “as needed”, which doesn’t bode well for factories working to keep the mill humming 24/7.  We’re already beginning to see adoption of preventative maintenance sensors designed to be proactive in identifying wear and tear early, enabling managers to schedule maintenance during reduced production, or service multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, reducing overall downtime.  Monitoring software company Seebo Interactive LTD has released the latest iteration of their software solution which is designed to monitor production levels and predict impending failures or service needs based on a variety of KPIs.

Ultra-Low Latency, High Bandwidth 5G Networks

Paired with maintenance sensors, 5G networks are set to change how we perform equipment maintenance and repairs.  From immersive, Augmented Reality and 3D models from headquarters sent to the field, guiding technicians through complex repairs, to realtime feedback on equipment active in the field, and environment-aware tooling communicating with one another to make the workplace both safer and more productive.  5G isn’t just for cat videos anymore—it will enabling the connectivity of tomorrow’s factory.

Next-Level Security Combating Cyberthreats

As factories become more intelligent and automated, they are more susceptible to cyberthreats.  This means new advances in both physical and electronic security to prevent unwanted access. As factories become more efficient on the production side potentially reducing the number of operators required, there will be a greater need for a skilled security team or vendors to aid in protecting and monitoring against threats.

Expect to see some of this adoption happening at all market levels, as advancement also drives costs lower for new equipment acquisition.  If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your manufacturing equipment, speak with an ENGS representative about our flexible financing options to fund your  acquisition.