Machine Tool Crashes: Big Problem, Bigger Solutions

The most crucial part of your CNC machine is not the cutter. It’s not the lathe or the tools or any of the parts you can buy online. The most crucial part of any CNC machine is the programmer. It’s also the part that has the potential to cause the most problems! Even the best programmers make mistakes and it only takes one mistake to crash your machine.

To optimize your profits and minimize your losses, preventing programming errors is absolutely vital. The good news is that most programmer errors can be avoided by following a few simple principles.

Train to Gain

The main problem with programming errors is that they can be difficult to detect, especially for inexperienced or newer employees! The less experienced the employee, the less chance they have of tracking the error and knowing how to correct it. That’s why proper training in G and M codes is so vital to preventing machine tool crashes. Preventative training significantly reduces programming error and can help you avoid the costly results of a machine crash.

Slow and Steady

Another key to avoid programming errors is to make sure machine programming is done slowly, regularly and without interruptions. Teaching programmers to regularly review their programs can cut down drastically the number of programmer errors. Routine is the name of the game and can save time and money in costly repairs.

Time is Money

James A. Harvey, a machinery expert says, “No programmer can make perfect programs all the time.” When crashes occur, having a plan in place can make or break your business. Taking a few minutes to invest in insurance that covers programmer error, not just equipment failure, is a vital proponent to a good plan.