“Lot Full” – The Truck Parking Crisis

313,000 trucker parking spots. Nationwide. Sounds like a lot until you realize there are around 3.5 million truckers in America.  But it’s less about how we got here, where do we go from here?

The Challenges of Parking for Truckers Across America 

Truckers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to parking. With the vastness of America, finding a safe and suitable place to park their vehicles while they take rest breaks or wait for new shipments can be challenging. Finding parking is especially difficult in urban areas, where lots are often small and overcrowded. Here we’re going to look at some of the most significant issues truckers face when finding parking and how to address parking issues.

Limited Spaces in Urban Areas

In many cities across America, truck parking spaces are limited due to the competition from other vehicles vying for space. Limited parking availability means truckers often have to drive around for hours looking for a spot suitable for their size and needs. Additionally, many urban areas are difficult to navigate with large vehicles such as big rigs—spaces may be too small or too narrow even if they may be open at night or when stores are closed.

Time & Distance Restrictions

Time restrictions can make it hard for truckers to find places to park overnight safely. To avoid fines or other penalties, many must resort to creative solutions such as stopping in rural areas or parking alongside roadways that are not allowed overnight. Plus, distance restrictions add another layer of difficulty—truckers must try to find spots that aren’t too far away from their destinations, so they don’t exceed their legal drive times.

Solutions & Resources

Several initiatives are underway to tackle this issue, including apps aimed at helping truckers locate parking spots more easily, increased public awareness campaigns about the importance of safe and legal parking spots, and even government initiatives offering grants for more good rest stops with larger capacity. Additionally, resources such as TruckPark help facilitate finding parking by providing nationwide information about safe and available locations, complete with customer reviews and pricing data.

With only parking for one out of eleven trucks on U.S. highways currently, the challenge of finding safe and convenient places to park cannot be solved overnight. Still, with increased development of resources and initiatives like those mentioned above, truckers will soon have more options when it comes time to pull over!