Is Your Business Covered During a Mechanical Breakdown?

As you consider the chance of financial loss to your business, be sure to take a close look at equipment breakdown insurance. If your business constructs or manufactures using equipment then protecting your earnings from mechanical breakdown is worth consideration.

What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance, also called mechanical breakdown insurance protects your business from losses due to accidental equipment damage and operator error. Also covered is loss due to fire, theft, flood, wind, vandalism and power surge.  Especially attractive is the Machine Tool Operator Error stand-alone policy, ideal for business that have this excluded in their package policies.  With the growing adoption of sophisticated and sensitive electronic systems built into  manufacturing/fabrication equipment, this expansion of coverage .is right on time.

Coverage for Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

When you put a claim on your mechanical breakdown insurance, the physical coverage applies to repair or replace the equipment and the ensuing property damage that is caused by the malfunction. For example, if a wall catches fire due to an electrical short, which halts operations or even damages other equipment, the damage would be covered with mechanical breakdown insurance.  In the event of an operator error, the damage to the machine due to an inadvertent “CRASH” is covered.

What Does A Policy Cost?

Each industry and business is unique, but to get started with your equipment breakdown insurance quote, contact ENGS Insurance Agency. Working side by side with Mitsubishi UFJ, they understand the risks associated with industrial equipment.  They  provide a host of insurance products to protect businesses in industrial, transportation, and construction sectors.  1-855-270-2560