Trucking Business Basics #2: Establishing Your Owner Operator Status

Now that you have begun the process of Starting Your Trucking Business, it’s time to take the next step. First you have to decide which trucking market will best suit your business goals. You will need to commit to a market as your CDL and trucking equipment will vary depending on the types of truck driving loads you are going to haul. Don’t forget about your trucking brand. Being able to maneuver in the trucking business relies on establishing a core network of associates that will help you portray your desired impression.

Choosing a Trucking Market

Truck drivers operate in two distinct markets: long haul and local freight. If you are interested in long haul trucking, this involves taking trucking loads that are called over the road (OTR). You will be traveling throughout North America, albeit most typically within the US. These truck driving jobs pay the most because they involve the most mileage. However, you are expected to be away from home for weeks at a time. For truckers with families or community commitments, long haul trucking may be out of the question.

Local freight involves regional deliveries. These types of truck driving loads are close enough to your home base that you would be home most nights with the occasional layover in a nearby city. Of course, local deliveries don’t pay as much as long haul assignments, so that is a consideration if you are interested in making more money.

Establishing Your Brand

Most truck drivers opting to become owner operators are doing so in order to become their own boss. The idea is that you won’t have to answer to someone else. However, like with any business, a good owner operator will have a solid network of business relations. This involves establishing your reputation as an owner operator who is reliable, trustworthy and available.

For example, if you are struggling with trucks that constantly need repairs because of poor servicing, then your brand will suffer. That is why you need to develop a strong relationship with a diesel mechanic service provider. If you are unable to find the better paying trucking jobs that will keep your business afloat, then you lack in connections with dispatching and trucking job boards. In order to establish a successful brand, develop a network of associations, job boards, trucking dispatchers, truck drivers and customers.

As you move forward with your established trucking business or a new enterprise, contact us to gain valuable information regarding purchasing trucking equipment.