Construction Industry Watch: What’s Trending in 2019

2019 has been a big year for construction innovation! With the rise of smart technology and the integration of this technology into everyday products, the construction industry is being transformed. Here’s what you need to know about construction industry trends in the year 2019.

Safety Equipment

Modern construction safety equipment does more to protect construction workers than ever before. Smart technology has made safety equipment adaptable and easy to use. “Wearables,” meaning smart products that can be worn on the body, are now prevalent on construction sites all over the country.

Smart Cap

The smart cap is a construction wearable that monitors brain waves to detect when the wearer is tired. The cap uses vibrations and noises to keep the worker alert.

Zippkool Clothing

Sweating is the body’s natural defense against high heat. Sweat, when exposed to air flow, cools the body as it evaporates. On the construction site, workers sweat but may still find it difficult to cool themselves. Self-cooling clothing comes with a built-in fan to wick sweat away from the body. When construction workers are on the job, self-cooling clothing keeps workers comfortable and prevents them from overheating.


Use of technology can increase productivity, improve accuracy, aid communication with clients and so much more. Below are some examples of modern technology you’ll find on the construction jobsite.


Sometimes safety and convenience are one and the same. It is so for the HoloLens, a virtual reality headset with a number of professional applications within the construction industry. Users wearing the HoloLens can see 3D overlay of their construction projects, to envision what is and what could be, all at the same time. HoloLens is also certified protective eyewear, so it’s safe to use on the job.


Communicating with a client? There’s an app for that. Creating contracts and change orders? There’s an app for that too. Construction apps help contractors manage client relationships and also make it easier to do business as a construction contractor.

Green & Sustainable Products

Green products are becoming more important to consumers all the time. To accommodate the demand, green and sustainable construction products have recently exploded in the market. Now more than ever, environmentally-friendly products are available for construction projects.

Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable materials minimize landfill usage and are made of natural materials that are non-toxic for humans and safe for the earth. Biodegradable materials are becoming so popular that they can take many forms and be used in many parts of the house, from the paint on the walls to the foundation of the house.

Green Insulation

Green insulation can be made of anything, from torn up denim to wool. If you’re a contractor who specializes in green and sustainable materials, stay informed about how to use green insulation, so you can offer use of these products to your clients.

Staying abreast of the latest developments and modern technology can help you grow your business and keep clients happy. Keep up to date by reading construction publications and following your favorite construction websites online.  Looking to purchase new or lightly used construction equipmentContact your ENGS Commercial Finance rep to learn how we can help you acquire the equipment you need to grow your construction business.